サイトマップ site map




基本 Basic
家電・カメラ・AV機器 Home appliances / cameras / AV equipment
パソコン・オフィス用品 PC / office supplies
ホーム&キッチン・ペット・DIY Home & Kitchen / Pets / DIY
ドラッグストア・ビューティー Drugstore Beauty
ベビー・おもちゃ・ホビー Baby, toys, hobbies
服・シューズ・バッグ ・腕時計 Clothes / shoes / bags / watches
スポーツ&アウトドア Sports & Outdoors
衛生・清掃用品 Hygiene and cleaning supplies
すべての産業・研究開発用品 All industrial and R & D supplies
セラー Cellar
アフィリエイター Affiliator
中小企業・物作り企業・BtoC企業 SMEs, manufacturing companies, BtoC companies
データプレゼント Data present
ユーチューバー YouTuber
インフルエンサー Influencer
ダウンロード download
トレンドブログ Trend blog
売上UP Sales UP
5000個以上 5000 or more
月1000個売れた商品 Products sold 1000 pieces a month
急上昇売れた商品シリーズ Soaring product series
20%UP or 5000個売れた商品シリーズ 20% UP or 5000 product series sold
月間検索数10000超え Monthly search number exceeds 10,000
急上昇中 Soaring
まあまあ売れて売る商品 Goods that sell well
鬼売れ! Selling demons!
月5000万以上売れた商品 Products sold over 50 million a month
月1億以上売れた商品 Products sold over 100 million a month
月間10000個売れ商品 Items sold 10,000 pieces per month
月毎 3000個以上売れている More than 3000 sold every month
毎日400-1000個売れている商品 Items that sell 400-1000 pieces every day
月3000万以上売れている Selling over 30 million a month
売上一覧表 Sales list
セラーさんに提案 Suggestion to seller











English version

site map. With a sitemap, users can get an overall picture of the site structure and easily reach the desired page.
Also, if you use the site map, you can reach the target page at once.
Here, as a way of walking amateur sales, I will first tell you how to use data, not by industry.

Target person
Seller (seller)


Companies (including small and medium-sized enterprises)



TV station

Summary Blog publisher

Trend blog operator







6.Amazon 売れ筋ランキングを見ます。カテゴリでは何位なのか?小カテゴリでは何位なのか?←自分の業種に合わせて知ることができます。また、この商品は、どのくらいの売上なのかがわかります。10000個以上売れていることはわかっていますが、これがこれだけ売れているのがわかれば、セラー(販売者)であれば、新規商品開発にも繋がります



English version

1. First, read the genre of your industry part (influencers, YouTubers, TV stations, and summary blog publishers will write about it) ← What you often get

2. After that, select the category you are interested in and go to the site ← That is the easiest to understand. If not, please contact me

3. Read "Reason for selling" (last) ← Is it an advertisement (in the case of sale) Is it a topic (like Nintendo Switch) Is it sold all at once (Huawei watch) ... Sometimes I can not find out There is also

4. Look at the graph (how many are sold? How much is the amount) ← You can see the size of the industry. You can also find out the population parameter of those who are interested. The more money you have, the more interesting you are. The larger the number, the easier it is to sell. Does anyone in the industry know?

5. If there are many types, see other pages (clocks, sandals, etc. have different colors and sizes) ← This makes it easy to know the attributes because you can see your favorite color and size. Is black easy to sell for sandals?

6. View the Amazon best-selling rankings. How much is it in the category? How much is it in the small category? ← You can know according to your own industry. You can also see how much sales this product has. I know that more than 10,000 units are sold, but if you know that this is selling, if you are a seller (seller), it will lead to new product development.

7. Look at the whole and think about how to utilize it for your site (work) ← If you want to create a YouTuber or trend blog, try purchasing it, or if you are a celebrity who has the same thing Look for it. The director, unscrupulously, once found the glasses worn by the thief on Rakuten on TV and wrote a blog similar to this one. Access increased immediately, but after that I was careful and erased it